Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Fresh Feast!

On June 18th, we had yet another AMAZING cooking class with Chef David Rosen.

We thought we should pass on the deliciousness so others can enjoy a Summer Fresh Feast!
Let us know what you think or how it turned out!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Top 10 Brag-Worthy Bathrooms

We've compiled a list of our top 10 favourite beautiful bathrooms from over the years (**in no particular order… we love them ALL!)
We'll tell you why we love them… but tell us - which one is your favourite?

10. Spa Blue Bathroom - Dark Maple Vanities with light blue walls.. this bathroom is so crisp and clean. It is reminiscent of a spa, and is so inviting.. with the gorgeous soaker tub. We like the addition of lamp sconces on the custom mirror frames. It adds class and sophistication. The angled makeup desk is also a convenient use of corner space, and is oh so pretty.

9. Modern Maple Bathroom - Dark Maple Vanities, with slab doors.. This bathroom has more of a modern flare. We love the custom legs added to make this piece more furniture-looking. The towel open shelves add a nice display and the make-up desk is perfect! Angled upper shelving makes this bathroom functional and stylish, with two vessel sinks and a large tiled shower. Beautiful!

8. Magnificent Marble Bathroom - White MDF Cabinetry, and marble countertops.. Stunning and serene. This is airy, open, light, and fresh. Marble floors and countertops keep it classic and so gorgeous.. with custom linen towers and a bench seat. The fabric softens the room and adds a dash of colour. So simple, yet outstandingly beautiful. All in the details.

7. 2014 Homeshow Display - We had so much fun designing this and were so pleased with how it turned out. We played with different materials to create such a neat look - soft grey and white MDF cabinetry, Wormy Maple vanity with a millstone glaze, bold wall colour, and reclaimed wood flooring. We love the details of this bathroom… the scoop on the mirror frames which is echoed on the ceiling panel where the beautiful chandelier is mounted, clean lines of the vanity with cut-out handles, functional and classy linen towers, a custom leaner mirror, and a custom bench. One of our favourites for sure.

6. Most Outstanding Bathroom of 2013 - .. and we know why! What a great mix of materials… from the European Melamine and the soft grey painted MDF vanities, frosted glass, gorgeous dark tiled shower.. everything just works so well together. Lovely space.

5. Neutral Soft Bathroom - a stunning white on white bathroom.. light and fresh. We love the soaker tub with chandelier, the gorgeous walk in shower, and the dresser-like vanity with tons of drawers! Such a calm and relaxing space.. perfect for winding down.

4. Gorgeous Grey Bathroom - so soft and pretty! We love the tone on tone palette in this bathroom, crystal knobs on the vanity, freestanding tub, and stunning walk in shower. The wall sconces add such beautiful ambient lighting and such an adorable little make-up area add that glamourous feel. Beautiful indeed!

3. Classic Black & White Bathroom - gorgeous white cabinetry and black quartz countertops, and tub surround! The paneling detail in the bathroom is so sophisticated and adds so much character. Black marble floors are so unique and so classy. Open shelving allows for display and a pretty chandelier adds the perfect feminine touch. A bathroom fit for Audrey Hepburn! 


2. Cool Chrome & White Bathroom - we looove the chrome feet on this cute vanity, with glass & chrome handles, pretty chrome mirror and beautiful marble floors and shower.

1. Movie-Star Worthy Bathroom - White MDF vanity and warm tones… this bathroom is movie-star quality. Perfect shades of greys, browns and whites add warmth to the space, with a make-up, or should we say "salon" area fit for a celebrity! Classy, functional, pretty, and outstanding all in one room. Love it!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Kitchen Floor Decor

There's so much that goes into the designing of a kitchen, that sometimes we forget to look down.
Whether we are debating tile vs hardwood, or ripping out old flooring vs keeping existing flooring… it can be tough to decide which way to go.

Just like kitchen design, flooring design is always changing and improving. Have a look at these products that may make your decision-making a tad easier.

1. Hardwood in the Kitchen:
LOVE hardwood in the kitchen. Yes, if you drop a dish, it may dent the floor. Yes, if your dishwasher backs up, it may cause water damage.  But in today's housing layouts we are almost always faced with open concepts. There's nothing worse then chopping up a gorgeous layout with an ugly tile to wood transition. It makes the room feel smaller, and draws attention downward. Also, there any many hardwoods nowadays that come "pre worn"… in other words, a little bit scratched, knicked, dented, scraped in order to camouflage the inevitable wear and tear of life.

2. Love the look of Hardwood.. but not bold enough to take the risk?
Try Ceramic Tile planks in wood imitation:
One of the hottest looks in the tile world as of late is imitating the wood look. There are thousands of products available that will give you the look of hardwood, without the risks of hardwood. Keep in mind, these are still tiles, so you will still have grout lines. But, they carry the benefit of being waterproof, so not just great in kitchens, but also mudrooms, bathrooms… and gorgeous in showers!

Ceragres Tile -

3. Patterned Tiles:
This is a bit more of a commitment.. but a great way to introduce pattern into a normally un-patterned room. It can add character, charm and will look like art!

The ever-popular chevron pattern.. gorgeous and can be done in so many different materials.

Or… if you are feeling really bold….

4. Vinyl Planks or Tiles:
Vinyl has a bad reputation.. we all instantly remember our parent's houses with awful vinyl flooring peeling in the corners. This product really has evolved and has come a long way. Vinyl also offers the look of a tile (you can even grout them), or a hardwood plank and comes in many different colours and styles. Not to mention.. scratch-resistent, water-resistant, pet/kid resistant! Have a look at the vinyl of today:

Lots to choose from in every budget, style, look, etc. What is your favourite type of flooring in the kitchen?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Caring For Your BEAUTIFUL GCW Cabinetry

How do I clean my beautiful GCW Cabinetry? A question we are always asked! You want to keep your dream kitchen sparkling and stunning… here's how to maintain it's beauty for years to come:

Wood Face Frames: You have chosen Craftsman style cabinetry with wood doors and framework. Face frames are constructed from individual pieces of wood. The joints where the vertical parts meet the horizontal parts are susceptible to movement from the expansion and contraction that these parts experience with fluctuations in temperature and humidity and therefore small cracks may be visible over time.

Wood Doors: All wood doors will expand and contract with changes in temperature and levels of humidity. Although every precaution is taken to reduce the noticeable effects of expansion and contraction during the manufacturing process, variations in humidity levels may cause visible changes to the doors. With low humidity, the center panel of wood doors may contract and expose small areas of unfinished wood. With high humidity, doors may show minor gaps in the joints and the frames may bow slightly. These conditions are normal and temporary; they will disappear when the humidity returns to a moderate level. These potential fluctuations can be reduced or even eliminated if the humidity in the home is controlled and kept constant. Small amounts of touch-up stain can be made available for pick-up when requested, at no charge.

Wood Variations: The beauty and uniqueness of natural wood brings with it an intrinsic quality in grain and colour variation. The Craftsman Series of wood products consists of doors with a “Select” grade of wood (unless requested otherwise); small knots and mineral streaks are greatly reduced however, some mild variation in grain and colour should be expected. Lighter stains will enhance these characteristics; darker stains will tone down these characteristics and increase the overall appearance of uniformity to the finished product.

Antique Finishes: All antique finishes feature a hand crafted appearance, which gives this product the “antique look” which is so popular in today’s market. This process is applied manually, which will result in variations in the uniformity and consistency of the antiquing. The finished product is unique in appearance and the amount of antiquing may also vary from showroom samples.

General Information: Although GCW only uses the highest quality of paints and stains that are available on today’s market, it is important to remember that these products require extra care to maintain longevity. All finished products will require a minimum of 30 days to cure; more time may be required with higher levels of humidity. Therefore, extra caution is required in the handling of these products during this cure time.

Colour Samples: Showroom samples are only a reasonable representation of the final product at best; stain may vary slightly from batch to batch and the wood grain of samples will also be varied. These products are hand finished; therefore, some minor variation may also occur at the finishing stage.

Antique, Glazed & Finishes: All antiqued or glazed finishes feature a hand-crafted appearance, which gives this product the “antique look” which is so popular in today’s market. This process is applied manually, which will result in variations in the uniformity and consistency of the antiquing. The finished product is unique in appearance and the amount of antiquing may also vary from showroom samples.

Care and Maintenance: A solution of mild dish soap and water is ideal for cleaning all components of the cabinetry and countertops. DO NOT RUB excessively in one area as this may polish or bring up a glossy area noticeable in the light. All cabinetry must be dried immediately after cleaning. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, pads, thick cream solutions, bleach or furniture polish on any part of the cabinetry. WD40 may be used to remove stubborn stains on the melamine cabinet components, followed by a soapy water rinse and towel dry.

*the above applies to wood cabinetry. MDF Painted cabinetry is also to be cleaned with a solution of mild dish soap and water as well.