Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas from GCW!

As GCW will be closed for the Christmas Weekend, we would like to take this time to wish all of you a very Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Here's a video of our Christmas TV Commercial - Enjoy! :)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Gifts & Delights

It's that time of year again! Christmas.. probably the most beloved holiday for the majority of people.

Our homes are beginning to fill up with cheer, and holly, and yule-tide carols.
 But some of us are left wondering.. What do I get for that certain someone?!
Yes, we are halfway through December, but don't panic! We have some sure-fire suggestions for that "Perfect" Christmas Gift. Being huge supporters of buying local, we've gathered products from great businesses here in London, ON.


Le Creuset has got "Special" written all over it! The bold, vibrant colours really make their cookware and accessories a work of art. We find these tea kettles to be a gorgeous splash of colour that can find a home on your cooktop or stove. The colour really brightens up a space, and lets some fun back into our homes in the sometimes dreary grey winter months of Canada. No doubt that these colours will bring cheer along with a warm, soothing cup of tea or hot cocoa. Le Creuset Tea Kettles can be ordered through Kiss the Cook - London ON.


Who doesn't love accessories? Although these are great gift ideas, they can be tough to choose, since everyone has their own particular style. This is where it gets easy... The experts at Quantum Furnishings are very talented in choosing accents, decor, and accessories that just finish off a look and compliment your style! Let them help you choose that perfect piece for that certain someone, and your gift will be unforgettable.


We all have that friend (or we are that friend) who is constantly renovating, re-arranging the furniture in their homes, or always longing for an update! Well.. what better way to help them along their way then a Benjamin Moore Paint Gift Card. It'll be the nice nudge in the right direction, or that motivation to get the reno's done! Such a nice way to help out (without actually painting for them!), and shows that you've put some thought into a well-needed gift. Visit the experts at Hyde Park Paint & Paper - Benjamin Moore to pick up a great gift!

Flowers and plants never go out of style. And we've all received that gorgeous bouquet of flowers, that just didn't stick around very long... Yes. You know who you are. There's many of us out there.. Plant Killers.. who just can't seem to keep a plant alive longer than a week! There's hope for such a friend/neighbour/family member; Artificial Greenery from Green's Galore. These experts have taken time and passion and have created gorgeous works of art that you simply won't believe are artificial. Being plant lovers themselves, they've taken particular interest in re-creating the intricate details of a living, breathing plant. Check them out for yourself, and take comfort knowing your Plant Killer friend, won't be able to kill this one. Greens Galore

Cookbooks are always a great way to say, "You need to work on your recipes..."
But all jokes aside, you probably know someone who loves food (called "Foodies" nowadays), or who loves Chef Michael Smith (like we do!!). Chef Michael has once again created an astounding collection of delicious recipes that will fill your houses with home-cooked goodness. What we love most about this cookbook? Not having to scour the grocery store for ingredients you've never heard of, and will never use again. Just open your pantry and refrigerator and get started!! These cookbooks are available for purchase here at GCW London - all proceeds go to Bethany's Hope Foundation - London ON.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all the Staff at GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc!