Friday, 3 August 2012

Designer Delights: Paint Colours of 2012

Paint colours are one thing that can tend to be overwhelming for some, and a bit stressful at times.
Is this the right shade? Will it be too dark? How do I match it up with the rest of my home?

Have a look at our Team of Designers Top Picks for 2012 and maybe this will help you find that perfect colour.

1. Patricia: Benjamin Moore - Oasis Blue - 2049-20

What Patricia adores about this peacock-turquoise-greeney blue, is it's ability to be multi-dimensional in terms of style
"Peacock blues are typically a traditional colour, but when paired with colours such as avocado greens, deep browns, bright whites, and reflective surfaces such as smoked mirrors, and polished chrome it becomes very dramatic and creates a space that will have a modern fresh feel. These colours also work very well with natural wood finishes.".

2. Alycia: Benjamin Moore - Dove Wing - OC-18

 Alycia is a die-hard fan of white on white on white. When it comes to finding the perfect white, it can often be challenging. But there is hope: Benjamin Moore's Dove Wing is Alycia's "Go-To" white, 
"Dove Wing is the perfect white as it lends itself to warmer tones, as well as cooler tones. Having a slight greyish undertone contributes to it's neutrality and capability of blending with many other tones. Dove Wing has yet to disappoint me when coordinating with other whites or any other colour for that matter. It's soft, gentle, simple, yet elegant.".

3. Ashley: Benjamin Moore - Coral Gables - 2010-40

Ashley with her bubbly personality, had to choose a colour that reflects just that. She went with Benjamin Moore's Coral Gables,
"I love anything in coral. It instantly takes a room from dull to chic, in the form of accessories or accent walls. Coral has a sweetness to it, with the ability to add cheerfulness to every home - and I see nothing wrong with that!".

4. Amy: Benjamin Moore - Natural Linen - CC-90

 After previously working at a Benjamin Moore Paint Store, being exposed to so many different colours, Amy has grown very fond of Benjamin Moore's Natural Linen.
"Natural Linen is a beautiful neutral. It tends to have a grey undertone which keeps it fresh and timeless."

5. Jennifer: Benjamin Moore - Trout Gray - 2124-20


Jennifer is all for being bold and dramatic. Hence, her favourite paint colour is nothing less than that of Benjamin Moore's Trout Gray. A gorgeous deep shade that will contribute a "wow" factor to any space.
"Trout Gray is a rich, smouldery grey that's bold and dramatic, yet classic. I envision this next to crisp white trim and detailed architectural mouldings. It creates the dramatic backdrop for a few bright accent colours!".

6. Pam: Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter - HC-172

Pam's choice happens to be one of the most timeless and classic grey's that Benjamin Moore has to offer.
"Revere Pewter is one of my favourite colours.. it's definitely in my own house! It's a gorgeous shade of gray with a warmth and just enough coolness to not be considered a beige."

7. Danielle: Benjamin Moore - Gray - 2121-20

Danielle loves her cool tones - anything bluey-grey and she is sold! What colour better represents the coolness than that of Benjamin Moore's Gray. It is exactly what it claims to be - Gray,
"Benjamin Moore's Gray is a true gray. Bluey undertones give it a gravel-y, charcoal-y look. Pairing this with a high contrast black and white herringbone or chevron patterned wallpaper is all you need in life."