Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Timeless White Kitchen

White Kitchens... some love 'em, some hate 'em. But I think we can all agree, white is timeless. It is classic. It is fresh, clean, crisp, and soothing. Although, when some hear "white kitchen" they envision a stark, industrial and cold environment, similar to a dentist office or hospital. This is not the case when it comes to white kitchens. White is very versatile, and will work with just about every style of interior design. The key is doing White right:

1. Choose between a warm colour scheme and a cool colour scheme. White comes in many different undertones, so knowing which direction you want to go early on, will make it easier. After choosing warm or cool, you can decide which paint colour you'd like your cabinets to be. At GCW, we work with the highest quality of Benjamin Moore paint on our MDF Cabinetry. Our designers can help you choose which white is right for you!

2. Break up the white. Although white on white can be a gorgeous colour scheme, it's not always the most functional choice for families and such. To achieve a more functional white scheme, often times you can pair a white perimeter with a wood or dark island. (Seen in pictures below) Stainless steel appliances also help break up the white, and look very classic. Check out Goeman's in London and Sears Appliances in St. Thomas for the perfect appliances for your kitchen! Goemans Appliances   &  Sears Appliances - St. Thomas

3. Add texture! To add depth to a white kitchen, you can use features such as a more intricate door style or some textured glass (check out GCW's Door Styles - here). Since white doesn't have much dimension in itself, you can add different visual elements that will add interest to the space. For instance, you could do wire mesh inserts in some of the cabinet doors. Your tile backsplash also provides an opportunity for you to break up the white and add texture, shine, colour, whatever your heart desires!

4. Play with colour. Since white is such a neutral colour, you really could bring in any colour of accessories and it would work. Not to mention, any colour against the white backdrop is really going to pop! This is where you can get creative! An amazing way to accessorize in the kitchen with colour is with Le Creuset cookware. They offer an array of vibrant coloured cookware that pulls the kitchen together and contributes to that "WOW" effect. Check them out! Le Creuset Cookware available for purchase at Kiss the Cook, London, ON

Have a look at some White GCW Kitchens:

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