Friday, 10 April 2015

Kitchen Floor Decor

There's so much that goes into the designing of a kitchen, that sometimes we forget to look down.
Whether we are debating tile vs hardwood, or ripping out old flooring vs keeping existing flooring… it can be tough to decide which way to go.

Just like kitchen design, flooring design is always changing and improving. Have a look at these products that may make your decision-making a tad easier.

1. Hardwood in the Kitchen:
LOVE hardwood in the kitchen. Yes, if you drop a dish, it may dent the floor. Yes, if your dishwasher backs up, it may cause water damage.  But in today's housing layouts we are almost always faced with open concepts. There's nothing worse then chopping up a gorgeous layout with an ugly tile to wood transition. It makes the room feel smaller, and draws attention downward. Also, there any many hardwoods nowadays that come "pre worn"… in other words, a little bit scratched, knicked, dented, scraped in order to camouflage the inevitable wear and tear of life.

2. Love the look of Hardwood.. but not bold enough to take the risk?
Try Ceramic Tile planks in wood imitation:
One of the hottest looks in the tile world as of late is imitating the wood look. There are thousands of products available that will give you the look of hardwood, without the risks of hardwood. Keep in mind, these are still tiles, so you will still have grout lines. But, they carry the benefit of being waterproof, so not just great in kitchens, but also mudrooms, bathrooms… and gorgeous in showers!

Ceragres Tile -

3. Patterned Tiles:
This is a bit more of a commitment.. but a great way to introduce pattern into a normally un-patterned room. It can add character, charm and will look like art!

The ever-popular chevron pattern.. gorgeous and can be done in so many different materials.

Or… if you are feeling really bold….

4. Vinyl Planks or Tiles:
Vinyl has a bad reputation.. we all instantly remember our parent's houses with awful vinyl flooring peeling in the corners. This product really has evolved and has come a long way. Vinyl also offers the look of a tile (you can even grout them), or a hardwood plank and comes in many different colours and styles. Not to mention.. scratch-resistent, water-resistant, pet/kid resistant! Have a look at the vinyl of today:

Lots to choose from in every budget, style, look, etc. What is your favourite type of flooring in the kitchen?

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